How to Convert RAW16 to CHAR22 Material IDs in SAP EWM (and vice-versa)

09 September, 2018

So, in SAP EWM, there are a few formats that material IDs, MATID are stored (similar to material numbers, MATNR, in ERP systems). Some of the two most popular formats are the RAW16 format, as is used many EWM monitor functions usually, in the export structure that is often named simply et_data, for example in the EWM monitor function module /SCWM/HUITM_OVERVIEW_MON, of type /scwm/tt_huitm_mon, in which it's line type /SCWM/S_HUITM_MON uses the RAW16 type /SCWM/DE_MATID. Then there is the larger CHAR22 format, which is used as the type for the key field of MATID in the database table /SAPAPO/MARM.

I'll admit, this is nearly a copy of the post by John Kristensen at, and I give him 99% of the credit, however, for your benefit, I've provided **complete copy-paste-able code examples** so you can see exactly how the function works:

DATA: lv_matid_16 TYPE /SCWM/DE_MATID, " used in EWM monitor fields like 
lv_matid_22 TYPE /SAPAPO/MATID. " used in database table key field as in database table /SAPAPO/MARM

    IV_GUID16       = lv_matid_16
    EV_GUID22       = lv_matid_22.

...and, the nice thing about this function is that it can do the conversion the other way around (note the change in the name of the input and output parameters):

  IV_GUID22       = lv_matid_22
  EV_GUID16       = lv_matid_16.

And that's it!

I know in starting this blog I originally stated I would be adding a lot more about SAPUI5 and EWM and other neat ERP programs. While I have written some posts on ERP-sided programs, I've yet to touch SAPUI5 or EWM. I promise I'll get to it at some point!

Cheers! 🍺