Binary System

Säntis telecommunications tower in a binary star system sci-fi setting.

Ageteplatte In Gold

Rocks over Ageteplatte in Alpstein juxtaposed with a pine from the western United States.

Alpine Glows Purple

Moon and sun trade light over snowy mountains and trees.

Säntis Supergreen

Original print with very subtle aurora.

Säntis Supergreen - Aurora

Second print from the Säntis Super series with bright and feathered aurora.

Säntis Supergray

Third print in the Säntis Super series with rocky gray texture.

Icebergs and Galaxies

Original print of the Icebergs and Galaxies prints.

Icebergs and Galaxies - Galactic

A neon color re-think of the original "Icebergs and Galaxies" print.

Icebergs and Galaxies - Minimal

Third and final print in the "Iceberg and Galaxies" series with reduced colors.

When They Arrive, Seek Refuge on Studner Berg

View from Studner Berg - with a sci-fi twist.

Winter's Cold - The Arrival

First print of the Winter's Cold Series.

Winter's Cold - The Invasion

Second print of the Winter's Cold Series.

Coding in Castelmezzano

An Italian Village is lit up on a snowy night - but what is going on with the windows?

Snowy Valley

A deep purple norther lights show above a rocky valley - but is that snow or stars?

Cold Approach To Poke-O-Moonshine

An old fire tower from New York State is backdropped by a large neon aurora.

Buffalo Light

A lesser known view of Buffalo that trades blue and green hues.

Single Stone

A highly detailed vector print with lots of stippling - and only 4 colors.

The Great Observation

A highly detailed print with galaxy formations represented with ASCII code characters.

Austrian Nights - Saulakopf

An aurora borealis and starry night fly over a hiker in a mountanious region based of Saulakopf and the Rätikon massif.


„s t o n e    x    s n o w”

An on-going collection of high resolution colorized panoramas from the Alps focusing on color, form, and texture of stone and snow. (Shown in order taken)

1. Drei Schwestern - Gold

A 2:1 panorama of the Drei Schwestern at golden hour.

2. Werdenberg - Orange

A massive 6:1 panorama of the Werdenberg group over Buchs, St. Gallen as late afternoon golden light streams down.

3. Großes Seehorn und Co - Tungsten

A 3:1 panorama of the mountains at the end of Vermunstausee, dominated by Großlitzner and Großes Seehorn on the right.

4. Schrottenkopf und Co - Lime

A 2:1 panorama of Schrottenkopf in the Verwall group as viewed from the west, near Heilbronner Hütte.

5. Schaftälispitz und Co - Magenta

A 2:1 panorama of Schaftälispitz in the Verwall group as viewed from the north.