A likely overly-zealous page I've created in hopes that I'll be featured in many more podcasts throughout my career. Only time will tell!

Here's all the podcasts I've been featured in:

React Round Up 196: Gherkin with Chris Frewin from InClub

I was invited back again at React Round Up! In this episode, I talk with Jack Herrington, Paige Niedringhaus, and TJ Van Toll about my efforts to build a testing infrastructure for InClub, the social experience sharing and meetup startup I currently work at. Relevant posts include One Year as the Chief Technology Officer at InClub and Advanced Code Organization Patterns: The Case For One Function Per File.

React Round Up 163: Modernizing Your React Apps with TypeScript ft. Chris Frewin

React Round Up was the first developer podcast I've was ever asked to participate in! In this episode, I talk with Jack Herrington and Paige Niedringhaus about my efforts to upgrade a huge enterprise JavaScript codebase to a TypeScript one, as outlined in my post Converting a Large Create React App Project from JavaScript to TypeScript

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