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2020 facelift

I'm Chris Frewin, I'm going to be COURSE MASTER for 2020 (I hope)!please help me

I'm an ex-mechanical engineer gone fullstack software engineer.

If I'm not building software, I'll be found hiking, skiing, taking pictures, losing money on options, spoiling homebrew, or creating music and art. I (mostly) live in Austria.

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I'm a proud member of the DEV Community, and Product Hunt's Makers Community!

Sites and products I've built solo or co-developed:

rœ / rœ (Solo) (Solo) (formerly (Solo)
seelengeflü (Solo) (Solo) (Solo) (Solo) (Co-Developed) (Solo)

Goals For 2020

January 12, 2020

Though it’s only the second year of doing this, I really enjoy this yearly review and will likely be doing it for the forseeable coming…

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