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Chris Frewin

Hi! I'm Chris Frewin, a full stack software engineer & educator!

Ah... 😌 I still remember opening up my very first Bash terminal on Ubuntu... it was late summer, in Cornell's Engineering Quad... in short...

It was love
at first sight!

Ever since that first Ubuntu experience, I've been in love with writing software and I've learned an extensive variety of frameworks, databases, design patterns, and languages, including TypeScript, JavaScript, .NET, Python, React, Redux, ABAP, SAPUI5 UI5, C#, PHP7, Postgresql, Magento, and more. I love the challenge of building profitable SaaS products!

I'm also a full stack software educator. I cherish teaching what I've learned over the years, because I think software development is especially difficult these days, with all the new tools and frameworks that seem to come out daily.

My current teaching efforts are being poured into drafting my book and course, Full Stack SaaS Product Cookbook, which will be released soon. In this book, I take you step by step from boilerplate to finished product, on the entire software development lifecycle behind ReduxPlate, a Redux code generator.

With all my courses, I focus on both advanced and niche topics and in each course I always make considerations into the broader backdrop of the entire full stack software ecosystem. If such courses sound interesting to you, please checkout my Full Stack Courses.

I don't want anyone to be intimated by the noise of the software world - I too struggle and reach out from time to time for help and mentoring. To this end, I try to make my courses as clear as possible so you don't get lost or confused. I also avoid the theoretical - I offer real world examples far beyond the overused 'todo list' app example.

You can checkout more about my company, SaaS products, and site portfolio on my bio page.

I consistently put a lot of effort into this site and it's content - I sincerely hope you enjoy the blog!

- Chris

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