Fully Automating Chrisfrew.in Productions - Part 1 of ??? - Roadmap and Links to Entire Process

Posted on May 10, 2018


Links to All Parts of the Process

Before I get into the description, you may be here just to get the links. Well, scroll no further:

Automation To The Moon :rocket:

As an attempt to make my doing business as (DBA) company more automated, and to make myself a better developer, I've decided to take steps to automate as many technical processes as possible, as well as build out a few automated things that could support the business, such as a twitter bot and analytics that will be on public display.

Current Full Stack Map (Will Change As I update it!)

The current stack of my suite of applications and sites looks as follows (sorry, you're going to have to zoom in, but it's an SVG, so no loss!):

The Chrisfrew.in Productions Full Stack Map

Note that not all of these boxes are fully productive and live yet, and there are many more projects that haven't even made the map yet!

Improvements and Roadmap

  • Near future (before end of June) A global log class that creates logs of activity and errors across all sites. Such a class could be used in my Twitter bot as well, at least shared across Chrisfrew.in Productions
  • Mid to late summer: most paper based business processesed fully automated
  • Before New Year 2018: Chrisfrew.in Productions is able to attempt multiple solutions in fixing broken processes, which it also has found by itself. When it exhausts all methods it "knows" to repair itself, THEN it would finally send me an email

Yes, if this sounds like science fiction, I was inspired by that totally cool space ship from Passengers that can repair itself:

Yeah, that cool ship.

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