I quit Learning, Writing, and Being a Creative.

I quit Learning, Writing, and Being a Creative.

Posted on April 1, 2019

What's the point?

I had a sudden epiphany today.

All this extra learning in the directions of software engineering, upping my graphic design and vector graphic game in learning how to make screen prints, making iOS apps, fiddling with options and investing, learning new programming languages and paradigms, it's all a waste of time! It's just too much effort.

What do I get? Self satisfaction? More job opportunities? A daily challenge? Surely those are things that nobody wants to have! Just stress! Just more work piled on top of work!

I'm just gonna get my snug 40 hour a week job and call it a day. No more self-development, just buy a house, move in, and work that 9-5 for the rest of my days. You win life. I'm out.

My Resolve

So, I can hear you nearly closing your tab (if you haven't already) rolling your eyes, and sighing, saying something like this loser - it's just a blog . However, there is something that affects you. In light of my lifestyle change,

I won't be making any more Skillshare videos, any more art prints, or programming a single line ever again.

A Scrap of Good News

Sorry if I've offended you in this post, but there's even better news:

this is an April fool's post. 😂

Oh, it's also my birthday (NOT an April fools joke = trust me I've heard that one just a few times 😉).

I'm 27. And old. ☠️

🍺 Cheers!


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