NLP Champs is Dead, Long Live NLP Champs

NLP Champs is Dead, Long Live NLP Champs

Posted on October 18, 2019

It Was... Inevitable...

Like many hobby programming things I get into, my interests burn bright, then fade out fast (hint - it's the INTJ way). Likewise, my interests in Natural Language Processing (NLP) peaked while I was on my machine learning bender in general - and I found the NLP algorithms most interesting, and deeply challenging. It seems to me that there are so many visual identification algorithms floating around out there, but somehow language processing algorithms seem to be lacking.

I think that's clear - not just in cutting edge research - but in industry as well - we all know too well that talking / listening 'AIs' like Siri or Alexa are still not rock solid and get a lot of things wrong many times - and that's even when speaking very clearly!

Dammit Siri! I asked about the SPURS game! The SPURS! Its a BASKETBALL TEAM!!! Dammit Siri! I asked about the SPURS game! The SPURS! Its a friggin' BASKETBALL TEAM!!!

In Any Event

The knowledge I gained was useful, and I may even bring it into something I create in the future. Frankly, I just need to get away a bit more from my current project and get back to slowing down and tinkering, putting interesting stuff together. Looking back at some of the posts and code I made... I really there was some neat stuff!

However, since I haven't bothered to check our Google Analytics (actually, I don't even know if we have one for, our Gmail account, or really anything NLP Champs related to the site for...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm about half a year now, its time to abandon it. (It also has largely to do with the fact that I'm a cheap ass and don't want to renew the domain 😂)

Still... I'll always be fond of that gold and black design. :thumbsup:

And who knows - NLP Champs could always be revived, and I may even post there from time to time. No clue yet.

Aww, Can I Still See the NLP Champs Site Somewhere?

You sure can! NLP Champs has been permanently enshrined in a reverse proxy at NLP Champs!

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