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Why LLMs Will Never Be AGI

The hype is unfortunately not real. A software engineer's — not humanities or philosopher's — take on the alphabet soup: LLMs, AI, AGI, and ASI.

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Migrating The Wheel Screener's Twenty Thousand + LOC Legacy C# Codebase To A Shiny New Concurrent Two Thousand LOC Go Codebase

...and how it accomplishes the same number of tasks in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the CPU load!

Valuable Enum Extensions in C#

Get a string representation of an enum value, and parse a string into an enum value.

Windows WPF via VM On Mac

Start developing and running WPF applications on a Mac in no time!

Goals for 2024

To be honest, I'm not quite as cheerful as I normally am this time of year, but I am definitely looking forward to spending some time with…

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Back By Popular Demand: React + Redux + Shopify + TypeScript Boilerplate

Now with TypeScript: Strongly typed E-commerce for all!

C# .NET Core and TypeScript: Using Generics and LINQ to Secure and Filter Operations on Your JSONPatchDocuments

Full stack: React with TypeScript frontend, .NET backend!

Let's Build a Snazzy Animated Sticky Footer For GDPR Compliance!

Leveraging react-reveal, react-cookie, and Bootstrap styles.

The Last Bitbucket Pipelines Tutorial You'll Ever Need: Mastering CI and CD

An incredibly powerful tool that saves time, headaches, and much more!

Welp, I Did It. I Quit.

Thoughts of yet another full-time worker going full-time freelance / tinkerer / creative / nomad. ***Note: this post is mirrored on Medium…

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